You are rich, when you are content and happy with what you have - Wise Quote

Be aware of your own stress meter Know when to step back and cool down - Stress Quote

Concentrate on controlling your own situation, without controlling everybody else - Stress Quote

Daily exercise will burn off the stress chemicals - Stress Quote

Forgive others, don't hold grudges and be tolerant - not everyone is as capable as you - Stress Quote

Eat lots of fresh fruit, veggies, bread and water, give your body the best - Stress Quote

Gain perspective on things, how important is the issue - Stress Quote

Hugs, kisses and laughter, have fun and don't be afraid to share your feelings with others - Stress Quote

Judge your own performance realistically don't set goals out of your own reach - Stress Quote

Identify Stressors and plan to deal with them better next time - Stress Quote

Keep a positive attitude, your outlook will influence outcomes and the way others treat you - Stress Quote

Limit alcohol, drugs and other stimulants, they affect your perception and behaviour - Stress Quote

Manage money well, seek advice and save at least 10 per cent of what you earn - Stress Quote